Sterling Silver Boxes – Michaelangelo of Greenwich

Fine Gifts Engraving

      • Sterling Silver
    • 350_tx-3500-250x310
      sterling silver large round shaped box with lift off lid is lined with a medium blue velve

Silver Plated Boxes

    • 253_silver_Plated_Rectangular_3_1_2_22_x_8_22_Hinged_Box_with_Velvet_Lining
      Hinged 3.5 x7 silver plated non tarnish Lined box
    • 253_Plated_Rectangular_3_1_2_22_x_8_22_Hinged_Box_with_Velvet_Lining
    • 253_IMG_0134The Alexa Box 6×8 velvet lined hinged box
    • 253_IMG_0135
    • 209_IMG_1905
      Beaded silver plated box Lift off lid velvet lined 6×6
    • 253_IMG_0133
      Round Box 3″ with velvet lining Silver plated non tarnish
    • 193_IMG_1511
      Star box lift off lid Non tarnish engravable
    • 253_IMG_1909Beaded Hinged Box 4×6 lined Engravable
    • 253_IMG_2493
      Square silver box Lift off lid 3.25 x 3.25
    • 545_FullSizeRender_4_Panther / Lion Hinged Boxes
    • 253_FullSizeRender_5_Silver Fish Box
    • 253_FullSizeRenderSilver Turtle Hinged Box
    • 545_FullSizeRender_3_Bear / Frog / Crab silver plated hinged box no tarnish
    • 253_IMG_2070Elephant Silver Box Engravable
    • 231_IMG_2071
  • >545_FullSizeRender_1_-2Lobster / Alligator Silver Plated Hinged Box

Michaelangelo of Greenwich
The most recognized name in engraved gifts
410 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich CT
203 661 8540

Silver Plated hinged box with leather look snake skin
4 x8