Trays – Michaelangelo of Greenwich

Fine Gifts Engraving

This oval serving platter is a true workhorse! Great for everyday use to serve big meals or for special events and make a work of art out of your main course – it’s even big enough for your holiday turkey. And the handles make it easy to carry this beautiful piece from kitchen to dining table Cast aluminum 25″ x 14″
Solid polished pewter Chippendale trayAvailable in three sizes 14” 12” 10”
PHA Silver plated. 13 x 17
Castine silverplated 11 x14
Round non tarnish tray with handles
Silver plated waiter trays Call for sizes
Plain edge pewter trays. 6x9. 4x6. 2x4
Pewter 6 1/4″ x 4 1/4″
9” solid pewter or sterling silver chippendale style
Beaded available in three sizes
Catch all tray , octagon shaped 6.5”
Rope tray with crab. 11 x 15
Rope Trays 3 sizes 4x6. 6x9. 11x14
London with handles 19x12
Rome with handles 23 x 13
Stag head catch all tray
Eagle catch all tray
Long horn catch all tray
Horse bit catch all tray
Large oval horse bit tray non tarnish
Silver plated tray 12”. 10”. 8”. 6”